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Do you want a beautiful outdoor area that you can show off to the neighborhood and be proud of when you're hosting guests? Imagine Landscapes and Design can make your dream a reality. Thanks to our landscape installation and hardscaping services, adding gorgeous new features to your property is easy. We'll use our superior eye for detail and extensive landscape design knowledge to transform your space in the West Sacramento, Lemon Hill, Davis, & Florin, CA area.

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When you team up with us, you can make all kinds of exciting landscape improvements. We're proud to offer:

  • Landscape installation services - get a new hardscaping feature, irrigation system, edible garden, raised bed, pergola, deck, outdoor light fixture or patio
  • Landscape maintenance services - let us cut your grass, lay mulch or trim your bushes so you don't have to
No matter what kind of landscaping upgrades you want, our detail-oriented team is the perfect choice for your project. Contact us now to schedule landscaping or hardscaping services.